David Muenzer
January 24 - March 20, 2016

Interval 1: Sunday 1/24
Interval 2: Saturday 2/13
Interval 3: Saturday 3/5

A scalar is a magnitude without a direction. For example, temperature is a measure of a quantity of heat, but that value doesn’t tell you anything about where that heat is, or what way it is going.

Daemon has two definitions. In mythology, a daemon is a spirit without malevolent intentions—an animated characteristic of the natural world. In computing, a daemon is a background process that runs without direct oversight of the user. This later definition clearly owes something to the fantasy of a nature spirit, working outside of human presence.

The hyphenated phrase “Scalar-Daemon” is a neologism, based on a term most people become familiar with when an email is sent to an invalid address and the background process—the mailer-daemon—responds with an automated notice of delivery failure.


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