Tour of the Artists' House
Erika Ostrander & Christian Tedeschi
Guided Tours, June 2018

Using the Avant-Garde Institute (Edward Krasiński’s home and studio) in Warsaw, Poland and 500 Capp Street (David Ireland’s “environmental artwork, social sculpture, and residence”) in San Francisco, California as a curatorial model, Reserve Ames presents Tour of the Artists’ House, guided tours of the house in Highland Park, Los Angeles where, until now, Erika Ostrander and Christian Tedeschi developed work.

Tedeschi moved into the home in 2009 when he began teaching in Los Angeles. Later Ostrander arrived and together they created a unique environment that gradually assumed its current state. Their work, situated throughout the interior of the house and surrounding property, includes large structures Tedeschi built to house his early resin sculptures.