K.r.m. Mooney
April 10 - July 24, 2016

Library by Anthony Huberman

Eights (2013) Issue No. 1 Eberhartdt Press Portland, Oregon c3 initiative Yale Union

10/18 (04/2013) Veneer Magazine Seattle, Fry Art Museum

The Use (2016) Mann, Chris, The Use Published by Juana Berrío and Yale Union Printing: Linco, Queens, NY Binding: Gary Robbins, Yale Union Edition of 1000 Made possible by the generous support of Ross Sappenfield

‘And’ (2011) First Edition, 300 copies, Text originally published in “Habitation of the Word: Essays” William H. Gass, Simon & Schuster Inc. New York, 1986, pp. 160-184 Printed by Drukkerij Raddraaier Published by Colophon & Silver Fern Press

The Rings of Dieter Roth (2006) Documents of a friendship with Hans Langenbacher Published by Edizioni Periferia, Flurina and Gianni Paravicini-Tonz, Lucerne,

IF YOU SAY SOMETHING SEE SOMETHING (2010) Published on occasion of IF YOU SAY SOMETHING SEE SOMETHING, an exhibition of work by graduating students on Piet Zwart Institute—Master Fine Art, curated by Mai Abu ElDahab, 9/7 – 22/8 2010 at TENT Rotterdam. Published by: Piet Zwart Institute—Master Fine Art, Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam University

Oscine I

Glass, silver plated steel, spray millet, cuttlebone, fluorocarbon leader, steel wire
12 x 10 x 8 in