Brian Dario and Christian Tedeschi
July 9 – August 20, 2017
Curated library by Leslie Dick

In their exhibition at Reserve Ames, Brian Dario and Christian Tedeschi seem to ask the found objects and discarded, purchased, and artist-fabricated materials they combine into singular works “what aren’t you now?”

Tedeschi uses methods of submersion—encasing and inserting objects within molds of themselves, while Dario tends more toward hyphenation, via methods of attachment and proximity. For instance, a sculpture by Dario might read: rock-fan; whereas a sculpture by Tedeschi might read: rFoAcNk. Both artists work with a sense of potential motion and rest; the prior use and history of the objects may be only tangential. Instead of leveraging the past, the sculptures are situated within a present moment of consciousness.

Reserve Ames exhibitions are accompanied by a library of texts an invited guest curates from their own collection. For Brian Dario's and Christian Tedeschi’s exhibition books were selected by the artist, writer and educator Leslie Dick. The selection of books was inspired by an ongoing conversation that began when Dario studied with Dick in 2016.