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Using the Avant-Garde Institute (Edward Krasiński's home and studio) in Warsaw, Poland and 500 Capp Street (David Ireland’s “environmental artwork, social sculpture, and residence”) in San Francisco, California as a curatorial model, Reserve Ames presents Tour of the Artists’ House, guided tours of the house in Highland Park, Los Angeles where, until now, Erika Ostrander and Christian Tedeschi developed work.

Guided tours of the house will take place June 21-24, 2018. If you are interested in a tour, please follow the link below to reserve a spot. Following the series of tours the artworks will be permanently deinstalled and the property no longer accessible.

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Brian Dario Stereo Gallery
Dwayne Moser
Mike Cloud
K.r.m. Mooney Warsaw
Brian Dario | Christian Tedeschi
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D'Ette Nogle
K.r.m Mooney
Gedi Sibony
David Muenzer
Jay Heikes | Dieter Roth
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Jenny Monick | Gedi Sibony
Michael E. Smith
Devendra Banhart
Neal Bashor
Kelly Marie Conder
Dominic Mangila
Daniel Payavis
Clare Grill
Roth Heikes book
Jay Heikes and Dieter Roth exhibition book ( PDF )

This first publication by Reserve Ames is both the documentation and continuation of Jay Heikes' and Dieter Roth's exhibition at the gallery curated by Laura Fried fall of 2015. Each book has been uniquely embellished by the curator.

Jay Heikes Dieter Roth Laura Fried
Reserve Ames, Los Angeles, 2016
97 pages, softcover
10 x 7 1/2 inches (25.4 x 19.05cm)
Edition of 250

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